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NBA dramas: Sarver, Mitchell, in-season tournament

Episode Summary

Drama continues to follow the NBA into what is supposed to be the slow part of the offseason, so we discuss the suspension of Suns' owner Robert Sarver, Donovan Mitchell getting traded to Cleveland, and the idea of an in-season tournament.

Episode Notes

Big, dramatic storylines follow the NBA into what is supposed to be the quiet, slow part of the offseason, and Cory Robinson and Kurt Helin of NBC Sports get into all of it in this podcast. It starts with a discussion of the NBA's one-year suspension and $10 million fine of Suns' owner Robert Sarver for his racist and misogynistic actions in the Suns' offices and what comes next (this was recorded before Adam Silver's press conference on the matter, and before several players spoke out on the matter). From there the pair dive into the Donovan Mitchell trade to Cleveland and what that will mean, both for the Cavaliers and the Jazz. After that, the pair discuss if anyone will care when the NBA hosts an in-season tournament, and finally they talk NBA 2K player ratings, which came out this week.