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What's next for Celtics, Suns... and should NBA drop age limit?

Episode Summary

Both the Suns and Celtics enter training camp with red flags flying, both in ownership/coach controversies and among players, leading to questions in camp. NBC Sports NBA team talks training camp news and if the NBA should drop the age limit to 18.

Episode Notes

NBA training camps just opened and teams have yet to play a preseason game, but already two contenders are dealing with problems. The Celtics have the suspension of coach Ime Udoka as a distraction, plus defensive anchor center Robert Williams will miss at least the start of the season. The Suns have the distraction of a suspended owner who is selling the team, plus Jae Crowder is out and demanding a trade, and Deandre Ayton does not seem happy. Corey Robinson and Kurt Helin from NBC Sports go through all the training camp news, including the wilder ones with the Lakers and Nets, breaking down what to take away from all that — plus how good Zion Williamson and James Harden look on the court. Then the pair discusses the potential of the NBA doing away with the one-and-done role and letting 18 year olds back in the game — is that good for the NBA?